Educational Interpreter of the Year Award


2001-2002 William Douglas Geist from Pueblo District 60
2002-2003 Kathy Randolph from Cherry Creek School District
2009-2010 Robin Stepanek from Mesa County School District 51
2010-2011 Patricia Himes from Cherry Creek School District
2011-2012 Rebecca "Becky" Mares from Colorado Springs District 11
2012-2013 Christal Klinger from Douglas County School District
2013-2014 Mary Jane Tom from Weld County School District 6 ​​​
2014-2015 Lisa Roche from Dolores School District

MaryLee Ragland Member of the Year Award


1995 - Diane Chambers
1996 - Lynda Remmel
1997 - Mary Lee Ragland
1998 - Ann Topliff

1999 - Tricia Gravelle
2000 - Kathy Adelman
2001 - Lindsey Antle
2002-  Deanne Bonenberger
2003 - Catherine Hoepfer
2004 - LeWana Clark
2005 - Ilah Jackson
2006 - Shawn Goodwin-Miller
2007 - Amie Seiberlich
2008 - Dora Veith
2009 - Victoria Novoselski
2010 - Jenny Miller
2011 - Nancy L. Dobbs
2012 - Lorae Merritt
2014 - Jenny Ballew
2016 - Christine Plendley
2017 - Carmela Roybal
2018-Haley Hegeman

2019- Lorrie Kosinski

Nomination Process

​Help CRID to recognize the members who have made significant contributions to the organization at a state level!

Please send in your nominations for the MaryLee Ragland CRID Member of the Year Award to:   

Please send in your nominations for the Educational Interpreter of the Year Award to:


  • Nominee must be a member of CRID in good standing 
  • Must have been a member for at least 1 year 
  • Must have made a significant contribution(s) to the organization at the state level 
  • Nomination must include: Name, a short essay describing their contributions and why you feel they deserve the award, and the name(s) of the person(s) submitting the nomination

District Member of the Year


District Winners (2000-2015)


PP: Andrea Reeves


NC: Jenny Miller and Karen Prelog

PP: Janice B. Otten

MH: Susan Faltinson


NC: Jen Iole

PP: Janice Otten

MH: Ann Topliff

WS: Tina Kissick


NC: Nancy L. Dobbs and Amy Kroll

MH: Lorae Merritt

PP: Kyla Russell

WS: Carie Brannam


NC: Nancy L. Dobbs

MH: Shawn Goodwin-Miller

PP: Kyla Russell

WS: JaCee Branch


NC: Jenny Miller

MH: Dora Veith

PP: JoAnn Huss

WS: Lillian Orbke


NC: Brandi Price

MH: Susan Faltinson

PP: Diana O'Toole and Teresa Von Loh

WS: Ginny Hall

NC: Shannon Pippin-Mandley
MH: Charlsie Grooters
WS: Carie Brannam

NC: Wendi Seidel
MH: Michelle Hoagland
WS: Lisa Roche